The animated Static Shock series premiered September 23, 2000 and ran for a total of 4 seasons and 52 episodes. Denys Cowan served as producer and director on the series. 

During a dispute with police, chemical containers exploded giving 14-year-old Virgil Hawkins the ability to create and control electromagnetism. Virgil uses his newfound abilities to fight crime and evil as the superhero Static!


Based on the comic strip created by Aaron McGruder, The Boondocks debuted on Adult Swim in 2005 and ran for 55 episodes.

Brothers Huey and Riley Freeman live with their Grandad in the fictional, mostly-white suburb of Woodcrest believed to be set outside of Chicago. Huey sees himself as a revolutionary, fighting for various social causes. His brother Riley is his social opposite, a mischievous 8 year-old lover of Urban Gangster Rap & Hip-Hop.

Denys served as Producer during the first season of the series.


Based on the “Who is the Black Panther?” storyline, this series was directly translated by Reginald Hudlin, and animated using the artwork of John Romita Jr. The series ran for 6 episodes on BET from January 16 – 30, 2010.

Under King T’Challa, Wakanda has flourished into one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. Using powers imbued by the black panther god, the dead kings of Wakanda, and technology based on the rare metal vibranium, The Black Panther has served alongside the Avengers and other heroes to protect the citizens of Wakanda and the world at large.