Denys Cowan is an accomplished and celebrated comic and animation creator and illustrator. Founder of Milestone Media, which sold over 10 million copies of ground breaking comic books, Cowan has numerous credits to his name, including: Black Racer, Deathstroke, Black Lightning & Hong Kong Phooey, Batman: Lovers & Madmen, Blind Justice, Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers, The Question, Hardware, and Static.

Static became one of the most beloved characters in the Milestone Universe, spawning a hugely successful animated series, Static Shock. During its run, the series was the only animated show not produced by Nickelodeon to dominate ratings. Denys directed and produced the series, which was nominated for an Emmy.

As Senior Vice President of Animation at BET, Cowan was responsible for the creation, development and production of animated programming for the network. This included the development and production of the Black Panther animated series. Prior to his time at BET, Denys was instrumental in developing and Producing the first season of the prime time animated series, The Boondocks. Serving as Senior Vice President of Motown Animation and Filmworks, he created and developed a number of shows with Fox, ABC, Disney and Nickelodeon. Cowan also co-created the character of Henri Ducard, as played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins.

Cowan drew the cover art of the GZA/Genius of the Wu-Tang Clan’s platinum selling hip-hop album Liquid Swords. Denys illustrated the successful run of You Can’t Handle the Truth, a monthly full-page comic strip for Ebony magazine. More recently, Denys Cowan illustrated the Django Unchained graphic novel, which was inspired by the Oscar-winning film by Quentin Tarantino. Denys also created illustrated posters for Marvel’s Black Panther and John Wick 2.

Among comic book readers and collaborators, Denys Cowan is the stuff of legend. Denys Cowan comic books have gone on to sell millions. Cowan remains a prolific creator, illustrator, and producer. He is the recipient of the Humanitas Award, and he has been nominated for a number Eisner awards throughout his illustrious career. Denys is also featured in Robert Kirkman’s “Secret History of Comics” in the episode titled “The Color of Comics” focusing on the history of Milestone Media.