First appearing following the Death of Superman storyline, Steel first appeared in 1993’s The Adventures of Superman #500. Steel was created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove.

Following the death of Superman, brilliant weapons engineer John Henry Irons creates a suit of armor to continue Superman’s work against the gangs of Metropolis as its new protector, Steel! Even after the return of Superman, Irons’ sense of justice kept him in the fight against evil, swinging his sledgehammer for the citizens of Metropolis.

Denys’ credits include: Steel #34-52 (January 1997 – July 1998).


Adapted by Reginald Hudlin and based on the Oscar-winning film by Quentin Tarantino, the 7-issue Django Unchained series featured art from Denys Cowan as well as Jason Latour, R.M. Guera, and Danijel Zezelj.

Recently freed slave Django travels with bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz in a search through the West for Django’s wife. The duo leave a trail of blood in their wake as they travel through a revisionist Western setting from the mind of Quentin Tarantino.

Denys’ credits include: Django Unchained #1-7 (December 2012 – September 2013).


Created in 1977 by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden, Black Lightning first debuted in Black Lightning #1. Hong Kong Phooey first appeared in an animated series on ABC from Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1974.

Black Lightning discovers an assassination plot to collect components of a sacred text. The owner of the last chapter? None other than private detective, Hong Kong Phooey! Their only choice is to team up to stop the assassins and keep the sacred text out of evil hands.

Denys worked as the main penciler for the Black Lightning / Hong Kong Phooey series (July 2018).


Created in 1941 by Mort Weisinger and designed by George Papp, Green Arrow first appeared in More Fun Comics issue #73.

Oliver “Ollie” Queen, the wealthy businessman and vigilante known as Green Arrow, serves and protects the citizens of his beloved Star City. A member of the Justice League, Green Arrow uses his training and prowess with a bow and arrow to rid the world of evildoers.

Denys’ credits include: Green Arrow #39, #41-43 (November 1990, December 1990 – February 1991) and Green Arrow #46-48 (May – June 1991).


Created by Steve Ditko, The Question first appeared in Charlton Comics’ Blue Beetle #1 in 1967. DC Comics acquired rights to The Question (and all Charlton Comics’ characters) in 1983.

Vic Sage rose to prominence in Hub City as an investigative journalist. While investigating Dr. Arby Twain, Sage discovers (along with the help of his former professor, Aristotle Rodor) the creation of an artificial skin called Pseudoderm. This artificial skin was meant to act as a bandage, but instead could lead to death. Discovering Dr. Twain’s plot to sell the product despite its side effects, Sage decides to go undercover. At the advice of Rodor, Sage himself dons Pseudoderm to hide his features, becoming The Question! Sage, able to thwart Dr. Twain’s plot, decides to continue using The Question identity to further investigate the evil-doers of Hub City.

Denys’ credits include: The Question Annual #1–2 (1987–1988), The Question #1–19, #21–36 (February 1987–August 1988, November 1988–April 1990), and The Question Quarterly #1–5 (Autumn 1990–Spring 1992).


Deathstroke, created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, first appeared in 1980’s The New Teen Titans #2.

Slade Wilson is known as the elite mercenary Deathstroke! Serving as an assassin to the highest bidder, Deathstroke has gone toe-to-toe with heroes such as the Teen Titans and even Batman himself!

Denys’ credits include: Deathstroke #11 Story Page 19 Original Art (2017).


Brimstone is an alias used by several characters. Brimstone’s first appearance came in 1986’s Legends #1 by John Ostrander, John Byrne, and Len Wein. Most recently, Brimstone appeared as Joseph Chamberlain in the 2018 series The Curse of Brimstone by Justin Jordan and Phillip Tan.

Born a coal miner, Joseph Chamberlain made a literal deal with the devil to save his town. Unfortunately, the deal turned him into the Hellfire spewing demonic entity known as Brimstone, who was ultimately tricked into destroying his own town.

Denys’ credits include: The Curse Of Brimstone #12 (April 2019).


Created by Jack Kirby, the Black Racer first appear in 1971’s New Gods #3.

The Black Racer is the personification of “death as inevitability” and has taken on many hosts in the past, including Sgt. Willie Walker and Barry Allen, aka The Flash. The Black Racer travels on his cosmic skis at faster-than-light speeds to collect the souls of the New Gods after their death.

Denys’ credits include: The Black Racer and Shilo Norman Special #1 Comic (January 2017).


The Dark Knight! The Caped Crusader! The World’s Greatest Detective! Batman, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, made his comics debut in 1939’s Detective Comics #27.

After tragically witnessing his parents murder at the hands of a mugger, Bruce Wayne dedicates his life and vast resources as CEO of Wayne Enterprises toward fighting crime as The Batman. Facing a rogue’s gallery including such devilish tricksters as the Joker, the Riddler, Bane, and the Penguin, Batman joins forces with his Bat Family and the Justice League to keep the citizens of Gotham, and the world, safe from evil.

Denys’ credits on Batman include: Batman #1-2 (December 1995), The Best of DC #14 (July 1981), Batman #10 (1986), Batman #403 (January 1987), and Convergence Batman and Robin #1-2 (June 2015 – July 2015).