The Question

Created by Steve Ditko, The Question first appeared in Charlton Comics’ Blue Beetle #1 in 1967. DC Comics acquired rights to The Question (and all Charlton Comics’ characters) in 1983.

Vic Sage rose to prominence in Hub City as an investigative journalist. While investigating Dr. Arby Twain, Sage discovers (along with the help of his former professor, Aristotle Rodor) the creation of an artificial skin called Pseudoderm. This artificial skin was meant to act as a bandage, but instead could lead to death. Discovering Dr. Twain’s plot to sell the product despite its side effects, Sage decides to go undercover. At the advice of Rodor, Sage himself dons Pseudoderm to hide his features, becoming The Question! Sage, able to thwart Dr. Twain’s plot, decides to continue using The Question identity to further investigate the evil-doers of Hub City.

Denys’ credits include: The Question Annual #1–2 (1987–1988), The Question #1–19, #21–36 (February 1987–August 1988, November 1988–April 1990), and The Question Quarterly #1–5 (Autumn 1990–Spring 1992).