First appearing in 1999’s The Phantom Menace, directed by George Lucas and played by Samuel L. Jackson, Mace Windu made the jump to comics in 2017 in his own series written by Matt Owens and illustrated by Denys Cowan.

Jedi Master Mace Windu serves on the Jedi High Council during the final years of the Galactic Republic. A respected member of the Order, Mace sports his trademark amethyst lightsaber to serve the Republic as a peacekeeper in a galaxy far, far away.

Denys’ credits include: Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #1-5 (2017).


Luther Manning, aka the cyborg known as Deathlok, first appeared in 1974’s Astonishing Tales #25 by Rich Buckler and Doug Moench. Later, the character would be revived as computer programmer Michael Collins in Deathlok Vol. 1 by Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright, and Jackson Guice.

When computer programmer Michael Collins learned his work for Roxxon was being used to develop the Deathlok Project, he was betrayed and had his brain placed into the body of the Deathlok cyborg! Initially used as a ruthless killing machine, Collins fought back against the Deathlok programming and regained his sentience. As Deathlok, Collins would go on to use his cybernetic enhancements to fight alongside heroes such as Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four!

Denys’ credits include: Deathlok #3-4 (September – October 1990), Deathlok Vol. 2 #1–7, #9–13, #15 (July 1991 – January 1992, March – July 1992, September 1992), and Deathlok Annual #1 (1992).


The Black Panther. King of Wakanda. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, T’Challa aka the Black Panther made his his comic debut in 1966’s Fantastic Four #52.

Under King T’Challa, Wakanda has flourished into one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. Using powers imbued by the black panther god, the dead kings of Wakanda, and technology based on the rare metal vibranium, The Black Panther has served alongside the Avengers and other heroes to protect the citizens of Wakanda and the world at large.

Denys’ credits on Black Panther include: Black Panther Vol. 2 #1-4 (July – October 1988) and Black Panther / Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers #1-4 (June – September 2010).